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Mystery Miles provide fun and flexible self-guided walking trails to help people of all ages explore the local area at their own pace, learning loads about regional history while tackling a series of playful puzzles to solve a light-hearted Murder Mystery.  


Far from the stodgy, informative style of most guides or the rigid structure of organised tours, our trails are designed to allow tourists and residents alike to discover the delights of their surroundings independently by taking part in an enthralling and interactive outdoors activity.  


It works by solving a series of clues, which will eliminate suspects and weapons from a list, as well as providing letters for a motive for the crime. The answers to the clues are placed all around the town, making you investigate your environment in detail. Once all the information is gathered, the fictitious murder will no longer be a mystery.


Mystery Miles was founded by Als Couzens and a friend in 2010 in St Andrews, Scotland. We have always enjoyed a good challenge and wanted to incorporate that with the beautiful surroundings we were lucky enough to find ourselves in. Due to the success of the original idea in St Andrews, we have completed a trail in Edinburgh and hope expland the idea through out the towns of Scotland.


'You just have to do it to know how good it is!' - Drew, Carlisle

M   Y   S   T   E   R   Y           M   I   L   E   S         M   O   N   T   H   L   Y




Mystery Miles is very proud to announce that it won the award for excellent customer focus at the annual Moffat Travel and Tourism Awards in Summer 2011. It is a great achievement and overwhelming to be recognised in such a way and we would like to thank all those involved with their support and continuing help.

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The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) launched the awards in  July 2007 thanks to generous support from The Moffat Charitable Trust. Through this they are able to recognise young entrepreneurship with in the tourism industry and provide support and guidance for young people trying to make it in new business.


At Mystery Miles we hope that recognition through this award and

continued support from PSYBT will help to promote and advance

the trails throughout Scotland.


The Moffat Awards was a very informative and interesting evening,

meeting lots of great people. We would like to congratulate all the

other winners and wish them all the success in the future.

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"Spent a fantastic day in St Andrews on the Murder Mystery Tour. Not only is it a huge amount of fun but it also is a great way of finding new and interesting thind out about the place. Big thanks to the creators of this idea and can’t wait to try out the Edinburgh one!! :-D"


Sarah Jack, Scotland

Calling all detectives, the crimes have still not been solved!!!

Start your investigation today by purchasing the Edinburgh or St Andrews booklet and get these crimes solved (while having a whole lot of fun)!


Simply click on the 'Buy Now' button next to the booklet you would like to buy, and through PayPal follow the instructions to make your purchase (you do not need a PayPal account). There is no charge for delivery and we aim to get it too you with in 3-5 working days.


Any questions or curiosities, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Enjoy Your Investigation!

Recently 2 brothers from Carlisle, Owain and Rhys Davis came up to try out 'Murder on the Mile' for the first time! It took them a while, but they managed to solve the crime with expert precision.


'Initinally we found it quite difficult, we got a bit excited and went far too fast. You do have to take your time and really think about everything or you might miss a clue!' Rhys said


'But once you figure it all out after a few clues its awesome and you really get into

it, nothing else mattered apart from finding the killer! Great fun and we will be trying St Andrews soon!'


'We would have done it alot quicker is Rhys listerned to me!' Owain  mentioned politely.

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M   Y   S   T   E   R   Y           M   I   L   E   S         M   O   N   T   H   L   Y

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The Mystery Miles tour is a fabulous activity to do with friends and family! Fun- filled and challenging it allows you to explore the Royal Mile, solve fun clues and learn lots of hidden secrets about Edinburgh! It's a great activity to do as a group and you can do it at your own pace (stopping along the way for lunch and drinks!) Overall a great way to spend an afternoon in Edinburgh!


Louise, Scotland