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Mystery Miles produce self-guided murder mystery tours around St Andrews and Edinburgh. You don't need a tour guide, but you do need detective skills! Get your hands on one of our booklets, and not only do you get your own tour of the town with many interesting facts; but you also get the chance to solve a murder mystery, with the town itself providing all the clues you need! On your marks...

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The Edinburgh Trail

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The St Andrews Trail

"What a wonderful idea,

fun for adults

and children a like"

Abigail, Scotland

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Mystery Miles is very proud to announce that it has won the award for excellent customer focus at the annual Moffat Travel and Tourism Awards.

The newer, tougher mystery, needs some expert detective skills! Explore the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh at your own pace, and discover who that killer was!

Based on a Medieval theme in the beautiful Medieval town, there is nothing better than a lovely walk around the streets of St Andrews solving a centuries old crime!